Letter from CEO:

"In the year 2020, when black swans appear frequently, everyone should have more survival opportunities.

There is no road to the distance that is not full of hardships. At the beginning of this year, the world was in a state of sudden change and "shock". A lot of established perceptions were collapsing, the international order was changing, and everyone was questioning again what the world would be like. In such tough times, my team and I began to ask ourselves, what is the reason for our continued existence in this uncertain world? How can we continue to win the respect from our rivals and the trust from our partners, so that our enterprise and partners can sustain and shoulder more social responsibilities? 

Internationalization, co-prosperity and symbiosis with the global family will be the long-term unwavering strategy of Baichengyuan.

The more we face the geographical and cultural blockade and financial austerity, the more firmly we will insist on internationalization. Using leaping thinking, Baichengyuan will strive for breaking the international barriers, deepen lengthways, expand transversely during the pandemic, provide solutions for enterprises’ development in the era of post-pandemic and realize the co-prosperity and symbiosis between

traditional agriculture and new business fields including special herbal food, medical apparatus, culture、travel and real estate, investment and merger. Traditional business and new business will be acted as two driving wheels of Baichengyuan, providing support for the improvement of Baichengyuan's long-term enterprise value, and seeking a balance between the pursuit of sustainable growth and explosive growth.

No event or individual can stop the arrival of globalization. Only by embracing change actively can we have a reason to survive. Baichengyuan, which is also under the epidemic, will take "fighting the epidemic" as its primary responsibility and expects to build an international network of hyperlinks with entrepreneurs all over the world. The international hyperlink network built by Baichengyuan can be applied to diversified specific scenarios. In fact, it is also a kind of block chain, because it focuses on "generation". We will constantly find and make different trust nodes to build a mega-link of international business. In the future, all good global products such as agricultural products and medical devices which are beneficial to human health can realize value through Baichengyuan's international platform.

To achieve sustained growth, see the road ahead, I believe that it depends on three aspects:

1. Trust. Cooperation can only be generated without trust. Cooperation is trust, and trust is cooperation.

2. Tolerance. We hope to develop towards openness and diversification, attract more operators from different regions、positions to make progress together.

3. Win-win. Besides trust and tolerance, we emphasize especially sharing value with entrepreneurs from all over the world. We will continue to cooperate with local economic circles to achieve common development through cooperation.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, but also will not be a smooth year, Baichengyuan looks forward to facing the changes and embracing the future with you!"